History has shown that some of the greatest hair-dos are hair don'ts! Billy Ray Cyrus, Blake Shelton and, recently, Morgan Wallen have sported the mullet.

Jason Kempin, Getty Images

While I was trying to take a picture with my beautiful wife this past weekend for our Mardi Gras Ball, it went South as after I posted it on Facebook it caused a controversy: Did I grow a mullet or not?

Here are just some of the 91 comments and 388 likes we got form the post.

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The answer is no, lol. My wifey and I wanted to take a picture all dressed up, and we decided to do it by the front door of our house. What we didn't take into account was our Mardi Gras wreath decoration that was hanging on the door.

In the picture you see above, the wreath just happened to fall right behind my head while we took the picture and made me look like I had a mullet.

Do you see it?

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