I ran across a post on a review page on Facebook and it struck up a bit of nostalgia for me. The post asked if anyone knew the recipe the dressing at Schillileagh's.

It reminded me of a neverending search I have been on since Schillileagh's was around back in the day. Back then, you had three fancy places you wanted to go eat at to celebrate an event: Pat O' Carrolls, Pepper's, or Schillileagh's. I even still have my I Got Creamed shirt. It never fit, so it's just been sitting in a drawer this whole time. I also still have a fine collection of Pat O'Carrolls plastic mugs. I am getting off track!

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I don't remember a lot of the food that we ate at these places, but there is one staple I remember very well that comes to mind: the house dressing for Schillileagh's. No one knew what it was, and no one cared what was in it. We all knew no matter what you ordered, you had to have it. I remember dipping my fried mushrooms in it, my fried cheese sticks, and putting it on top of my cheeseburgers. Mom was across the way putting it on her salad, while dad would just sip on it trying to figure out what was in it.

The thing you did have to dip in the angelic sauce from the heavens was your french fries. I remember after it closed down in Lake Charles but was still open in Sulphur. We would just take a road trip across the bridge to order a giant plate of fries and a few gallons of their house dressing.

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What was in it? Sure, everyone had their opinion, but the rumors were so random, they might have been the right ones. Some say the owner made half of the recipe at home, then only told the other half to the cooks in the kitchen so no one actually knew the entire recipe. True recipe seekers have heard it had a raw egg in it and peanut butter. Others say it was a sweet and sour sauce mix that helped it turn pink. Still, it seems to be one of the best kept secrets in SWLA to this day!

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Now, this is where I humbly ask for the recipe. I am not trying to get rich on it. I don't want to bottle it and sell it. Heck, if I received it anonymously, I would take the secret to my grave. I would also gladly pay for the dressing already bottled. I just am tired of thinking about this sauce daily. It haunts me. Come on SWLA, let's get together and find the recipe!

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