We've all seen, and laughed, at this meme.

And the reason why it's so funny is because it's true! Picking a place to eat is not an easy task. Once you factor in the limited amount of time you have and the overwhelming number of fast food options, it almost seems impossible to choose a place grab a quick bite.

So, when you find yourself in that lunch rush time crunch and you can't decide where to eat just head on over to wheeldecide.com, spin the wheel, and then just go with whatever fast food chain it lands on. Easy, right?

Wheeldecide.com has everything on their fast food wheel of destiny from Arby's to Wendy's, and everything in between.

Don't let the dreaded lunchtime decision eat up any more of your time, let wheeldecide.com be your go-to fast food lunchtime guide.

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