Not only did the New Orleans Saints lose to the Los Angeles Rams, but they also seem to have lost their star quarterback. Ram's Defensive tackle Aaron Donald hit Brees during a play, injuring his right hand.

After the play, Brees was shown walking off of the field flexing his hand, then later having a hard time gripping the ball on the sidelines. ESPN reported that Brees stayed behind in LA to see a hand specialist, Dr. Steve Shin. Shin has been responsible for repairing other pro athletes injuries such as Mike Trout and Chris Paul.

New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams
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According to Dr. Shin's Twitter account, @ProFootballDoc, Brees will have an ulnar collateral ligament surgery on his thumb. Early reports say that he will indeed be down for six weeks. In his 14 years as a Saint, Brees has only missed one other game to an injury due to his rotator cuff. The next decision is who will fill his shoes over the next six weeks, and will Brees be put on injured reserve?

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