Louisiana boy and terrific country music artist Dustin Sonnier has been working on a brand new album and has released the first single from the upcoming record.

The new single is called 'Drinkin' Alone' and it was released today.  In the traditional sound of Dustin Sonnier, the song features a classic country sound.

Dustin Sonnier (photo Provided By Dustin Sonnier)
Dustin Sonnier (photo Provided By Dustin Sonnier)

Of course Dustin always utilizes the classic country sound complete with a steel guitar in the song.  Dustin told us the steel guitar is featured plus Dustin played the piano and the cello in the new soon to be hit song.

The tune is a mid tempo song about a woman in his life that can't make up her mind weather to be with him or not.

'Drinkin' Alone' is available for digital download starting tomorrow on iTunes and Spotify.

Dustin Sonnier posted a sneak peek for fans to listen.  Check it out.

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