To get one million views on a social media platform is very hard to do and is a major accomplishment, but for a local grassroots country artist to get one million views is phenomenal.

Dustin Sonnier has done just that. Sonnier released his single, Whiskey Makes Her Miss Me, back in 2016 on the CD called Country, and now the song has hit over one million views on YouTube. The album also has some other great songs, including a great cover of Conway Twitty's, I See The Want To In Your Eyes.

Dustin is an old school type country artist. If you ever get to go to one of his live shows, get ready to hear a lot of classic country songs. Dustin has that old school country voice that just emphasizes the pain in a great country ballad.

Dustin Sonnier YouTube
Dustin Sonnier YouTube

If you search Whiskey Makes Her Miss Me Dustin Sonnier, you will see the song has 1,000,360 views so far. This is huge for a local artist who isn't on a major record label to get to this mark. That what it makes it even more special for Dustin Sonnier.

Dustin has released another album since Country came out, called Between The Stones And Jones. When the album came out in May of 2019, it landed on the top five of iTunes country music charts and in the #4 spot on the charts, which is crazy awesome.

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