I know, Winter isn't close yet, but Fall is, and that's close enough for me! We have all had just about enough of this heat for the summer in Texas and Louisiana. Just talking about cooler temperatures makes me happy! NOAA has bestowed upon us their predictions of what type of Winter we will have in the area, and it appears it's going to be colder!

El-Nino-weather-pattern 1

The prediction coming from NOAA is at 70% chance that El Nino will be showing his little baby head in the 2018-2019 season. What does that mean? Colder weather for sure. With it will come colder temperatures, and wetter conditions in the areas of Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.

El-Nino-Winter-Outlook-Temp 3

To put some perspective in here, in 2016 under El Nino, Texas received 17" of rain in May alone. That ended a 5 year drought they had been experiencing. A foot of snow fell across North Texas in 2009 during Christmas with the little baby as well, causing the "Christmas Eve Blizzard".

So should we be prepared for parkas and snow boots? Only time will tell, but consider this fat kid prepared to layer up this Winter.

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