Yes, that Erin Brockovich, has now gotten involved in the ongoing water condition in the city of Sulphur. Her website, TheBrockovichReport, posted a blog on May 12 discussing the current condition of the water in Sulphur. She received a letter from a 13 year Sulphur resident featuring a photo of the color of the water coming from the tap. The resident mentioned that the hydrant on their road is flushed daily to the point that their street is now an orange color and has been since 2017.

A report was filed with the EPA showing that the city's water was in violation of having the maximum amount of contaminants that are allowed to be in the drinking water. The report did suggest that the tolerances for contamination were at their highest levels, including the maximum amount of disinfectant for microbial containments allowed.

Brockovich was reached out to by Sulphur's Public Information Officer stating that the city is addressing the issue by performing a restoration project on the water plant. The letter went on to offer a meeting with Mayor Danahay and Brockovich so the mayor could personally present the city's plan of action on the issue. She attempted to reach out to the Sulphur Information Officer, but was faced with endless voicemail messages from various offices including city hall.

Brockovich closed her blog entry on her website stating that her team was unable to retreive any more information about the ongoing issue, and even went as far as citing an article KPLC posted in 2020 about the water issue and a Facebook Group that has an ongoing discussion about the current conditions of Sulphur's water.

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