When it comes to Louisiana Tourism the French Quarter of New Orleans is big business. That's why the safety and security of visitors and guests in the state's most widely visited area is a top priority for state officials. Governor John Bel Edwards announced yesterday that the state would maintain an additional security presence in the area. That presence would be in the form of additional State Troopers on the ground in and around the popular tourist destination.

You might be wondering how the state can afford an additional security presence dedicated to such a small portion of the state? Col. Mike Edmonson with the Louisiana State Police explained the answer to the Louisiana Radio Network.  It seems that French Quarter residents last October approved a sales tax to pay for the additional security.

We're actually paying money toward the deployment of troopers over the next five years to the French Quarter area of New Orleans.

Those troopers are assigned to the French Quarter through out the year. However, during Mardi Gras when the  crowds are at their biggest there will be an extra 170 State Troopers assigned to New Orleans and the French Quarter to help maintain safety and security.

Is the extra manpower working? According to Col. Edmonson it is.

What you're seeing is that when they see those troopers, and they see the additional police officers, you know, they go elsewhere, and our desire is for them to leave the state of Louisiana.

Tourism has a major economic impact on our state. Insuring the safety of tourist, guests, and the families that live in and around these tourist destinations is important to keep the economic circle unbroken.


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