Ever since we've had presidents, we've had presidential inaugurations.

Before taking charge of the office, every president-elect must swear an oath to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." And just like the election day that got the soon-to-be POTUS to the Oval Office, anything can happen. Seriously, anything.

From a newly sworn-in President jumping out of the White House window to a President refusing to wear a coat during his hour and forty-five minute long inaugural address and catching pneumonia and dying a month later, there have been over 200 years worth of inauguration day insanity.

So, to celebrate this "huuuuge" day in history, let's play a little game of Fact or Fiction - Inauguration Edition. No cheating!

  1. Fact or Fiction - President Teddy Roosevelt wore a ring during his second inauguration in 1905 that contained a lock of Abraham Lincolns hair.
  2. Fact or Fiction - The longest inaugural address was a freestyle rap by Thomas Jefferson.
  3. Fact or Fiction - At 70, Donald Trump is the oldest person to be elected.
  4. Fact or Fiction - The actual oath laid out in the Constitution is only 35 words, but during George Washington's 1789 inauguration he ad-libbed "So help me God" and it became a precedent that presidents follow to this day.
  5. Fact or Fiction - The first inaugural ball was in 1809 and tickets were $100.
  6. Fact or Fiction - Bill Clinton's second inaugural address was the first ever to be live streamed on the internet.
  7. Fact or Fiction - Dwight D. Eisenhower was lassoed by a cowboy while on the podium in 1953.
  8. Fact or Fiction - Barack Obama’s first inauguration had the lowest attendance in history.
  9. Fact or Fiction - Thomas Jefferson and Jimmy Carter were the only presidents to walk the entire inaugural parade from the Capitol to the White House.
  10. Fact or Fiction - John Wilkes Booth, the man who would shoot Lincoln, refused to attend Abraham Lincolns second inauguration and instead help a protest outside the White House.

How did you do? Check out the answers below!


Flag of the United States

1. Fact 2. Fiction - the longest inaugural address was by William Henry Harrison  3. Fact 4. Fact 5. False - tickets were only $4 6. Fact 7. Fact 8. Fiction - he had the highest attendance with 1.8 million attendees 9. Fact 10. Fiction - John Wilkes Booth actually attended the inauguration and can be seen in pictures during Lincolns address

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