It was not an easy morning for New Orleans with the loss of Big Al Carson, who suffered a heart attack two weeks ago and passed away this past Sunday.

The Big Easy has birthed numerous iconic musicians throughout the decades. Artists flock to NOLA in hopes of being noticed. One genre of music you will always hear besides jazz is the blues.

Big Al Carson was someone who everyone in NOLA knew. He was a man who started out with church groups and played in the band at Booker T. Washington High. He later attended Xavier College, continuing to master his music. As an adult, Carson played with countless brass bands and always hada  horn in hand.

Carson's career led him to play with groups like The Ernest "Doc" Paulin Band, Tuxedo Jazz Band, Olympia Jazz Band, Eureka Brass Band, and Spirit of New Orleans. Carson not only played on Bourbon Street, but was also a staple at many festivals around the area.

Big Al often expressed his love for the city, saying he was Creole like a gumbo, which would flow through his veins and come out in his music.

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