In the Southwest Louisiana And Southeast Texas area, we have had many talented artists go from gigging at local watering holes to becoming national country music recording artists.

They were shooting stars who blew up nationally after taking their talents to Nashville and scoring that elusive record deal many hope to snag.

We don't know if you realize there are a crop of country artists from Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas who made their marks on the country music scene, and a couple of them have become legends.

From the old school artists to the '90s country music boom, these country artists are very well known nationally, but locally they will always be considered as just some good ol' hometown boys.

I did some investigating and here is a little list of just some of the huge country artists who started their careers in Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas, and shot to the top of the country charts to make this area proud.

Famous Country Singers From Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas

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Southwest Louisiana's Local Country Artists

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