Home owner Rick Guerino wasn't expecting a package, but got a movement alert on his security camera. When he pulled up the video, he saw a FedEx employee walking across his yard. As he approaches the front porch, Guerino saw his American Flag laying on the ground along with its pole. It had fallen during a mass of high winds that hit the area that morning.

The driver walks up to the flag and begins to remove it from the fallen pole. He picks the flag up from the ground and proceeds to pop the dirt off of it. As the driver makes his way towards the porch, he starts to fold it. He didn't just fold it like a bed sheet like most would think. The driver stands on the porch and begins to fold the flag in thirds, flips it over, and begins to fold it properly.

After folding the flag, the employee secures it between Guerino's screen door and front door to insure it doesn't fly away again. A FedEx spokesperson told News 12 New Jersey,

We commend the actions of this service provider employee who went above and beyond by carefully and respectfully securing the flag on the homeowner's behalf


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