If you thought LSU fans really disliked Florida fans then you haven't seen anything  yet. This time the feud between the land of the blue hairs and chronic left turn signals and the Bayou State is about to get more than sports related. It's about jobs.

Florida Governor Rick Scott says he's coming to Louisiana to woo business to move the Sunshine State. He says it's because Governor John Bel Edwards policies are making it harder and harder for businesses to do business in Louisiana. He is expected to tout Florida as the "promised land".

A spokesman for Louisiana Governor Edwards, Richard Carbo, told the Louisiana Radio Network that Florida Governor Scott should take care of his own house first.

Governor Scott is highly unpopular in his own state, so our recommendation would be to stay there and tend to your own business.

Carbo suggested in his comments that Governor Scott has similar policies to former Governor Bobby Jindal. He said it was Jindal that got the state into the budget crisis to begin with. The isn't the first time Governor Scott has come to Louisiana shopping for businesses.

He'll have no luck luring people from Louisiana. I think anyone in this state that recognizes that when we're tested we stick together.

If you happen to be a Louisiana business owner who is contemplating moving your company to Florida. You should read what the Orlando Sentinel had to say about their own state.