So Thanksgiving is tomorrow and with that comes an early start on the cooking.  Cook the turkey, get the sides done and deserts are a must.  But at my house not only is the food important but it is the tradition of after eating we watch football.

Tomorrow the traditional three games of football will be played in the NFL with the teams you are used to watching.  The Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions have been playing on Thanksgiving day for as long as I can remember.  Then of course you throw in the Green Bay packers who make their appearance most years too.

Since I have a massive Dallas Cowboys fan here in my house, I can't help but have to watch that game.

Here is the lineup of the games for your Thanksgiving holiday.

Philadelphia Eagles at the Detroit Lions at 11:30 am on Fox

Carolina Panthers at Dallas Cowboys at 3:30 pm on CBS

Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers at 7:30 pm on NBC

So enjoy your food and enjoy your family and friends.  Then do like us and relax after you belly is all full and watch some football.  You are all set now!  Happy thanksgiving.