One of my favorite Major League Baseball players of all time Jeff Bagwell has been chosen to be one of the former Major League Baseball (MLB) players in the 2017 class headed to the Hall of Fame.

Bagwell who is from Boston played for the Houston Astros from 1991-2005.  Jeff played in the major leagues for the Astros his entire career which is un heard of in this day of high salaries and free agency.

Jeff Bagwell came to the Astros from the minor leagues of the Boston Redsox.  The Astros acquired Bagwell in a trade for pitcher Larry Anderson who was a bust in the MLB.

In 1991, Bagwell was named the National League Rookie of the Year.  In 1994, he was named the National league MVP of the league.  He retired in 2005 with a career batting average of .297, 2314 hits and 449 home runs to his credit.

The Houston Astros also retired his number so no one else could ever dawn the #5 for the team.  Yesterday it was announced that Jeff Bagwell will be part of the 2017 class headed to the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame.

He will join the Hall Of Fame in July and be inducted with former players Tim Raines and Ivan "Pudge'' Rodriguez.

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