The Houston Astros team did something this year that has never been accomplished in the team's history: they won the World Series, and their first-ever championship.

The Astros defeated the Los Angles Dodgers in seven games to secure the championship.  We all know some players make massive amounts of money each year while other players make the league minimum salaries.

Yesterday, the Houston Astros franchise handed out bonuses to all the players for winning the World Series Championship.

The Astros organization set another new record for bonuses by a Major League Baseball organization.  They had $30.4 million dollars set aside for bonuses, and they handed them out yesterday.

Houston Astros Victory Parade
Houston Astros Victory (Getty Images)

Before this year, the World Champion San Francisco Giants from 2014 held the record for highest bonuses handed out at $392,000.

Get this. Every player received a bonus of $438,900 each!  Holy crap, really?  Almost a half a mill for each player!

For the players like Carlos Correa, who makes the league minimum salary of $535,000, just almost doubled his yearly salary.

Congrats to the Houston Astros and the players for winning their first-ever championship.  Spend the money wisely, or send me some!

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