Sunday was a pretty special day for two former LSU Baseball players as Dylan Crews and Gavin Dugas did something pretty incredible during the same game!


Dylan Crews and Gavin Dugas were both key pieces to the 2023 LSU Baseball National Championship team. Dylan Crews has been one of the most sought-after baseball prospects for quite some time after he turned down major money out of High School to make his way to LSU.

Gavin Dugas is a local hometown Louisiana guy from Houma, Louisiana who went through plenty of ups and downs during his Tiger playing career, but he was able to make it all worthwhile when the Tigers captured the National Championship.

2023 NCAA Division I Baseball Championship
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After winning the National Championship, both Crews and Dugas knew their playing career was over at LSU which meant it was time for the next story of their life. For Crews, he was projected as one of the top prospects in the MLB Draft, alongside teammate Paul Skenes. Whereas Gavin didn't know what his future held.

Dylan would eventually be selected #2 overall by the Washington Nationals. 163 draft selections later, Gavin Dugas heard his name called 165th Overall to the..... WASHINGTON NATIONALS. That meant the two Former Tigers would be teammates once more.

In his second appearance playing for the Nationals' minor league team, Crews' homer came first. On a 3-2 pitch in the bottom of the first inning, with the score at zero, Crews sent the ball flying to left-center field.

But Dugas could not let Crews have all the fun. The Nationals were up 5-2 in the bottom of the fifth and on an 0-1 pitch, Dugas sent the ball to deep left field to make it 5-3.

A pretty cool feat for the former Tiger-duo and now Nationals-duo to hit their first Professional home runs during the SAME GAME!

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