Yesterday friends and family gathered together at Trinity Baptist Church in Lake Charles to celebrate the life of our Buddy Russ Conrad who passed away last Friday. Russ was a member of our broadcasting family here at Townsquare Media and was on the air on Gator 99.5.

Russ touched so many people in Southwest Louisiana with his selfless acts and volunteering to emcee benefits, and charity events or just be around town talking to people.

Russ passed away last Friday, March 31st, 2023 at his home after a battle with stage four bone cancer. Throughout his entire battle with cancer, he stayed positive the whole time.


Russ was known for his epic personality, his hard-to-forget laugh, and his eccentric wardrobe. Russ loved the color gold. His Buddy Russ logo was gold. His microphones were always gold. With that being said, the family encouraged everyone who was attending the service yesterday to wear gold.

At Russ's service, friends and family not only showed up with gold on, but they also took Russ's wardrobe to the extreme to pay tribute to him. Pictured below are his best buddies before the service all dressed up in their best Russ gold and jackets.

Russ Boys Dressed up

They all hopped onto the Buddy Russ bus and rode to the church for the service to pay tribute to our Buddy Russ. Yesterday was Russ's birthday and during the service, we laughed, we cried, we sang Russ Happy Birthday, and some great stories were told by his friends.

We couldn't think of a better way to send off one of the greatest guys we ever knew. We are going to miss Russ so much!  We love you Russ and we will never forget YOU!

Your Buddy Russ' MySpace Page Photos


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