Continuing with the Single Fathers Files and where you can be able to enjoy a meal with your children without taking a large chunk of change out of your nest egg, let's take a look at one of the mainstays of Lake Charles, heck, probably the first thing that pops to your mind when you mention Mexican food, Casa Manana!

Who doesn't like Casa Manana? The salsa, the margaritas,the cheese puffs, the way you always meet someone you know there, Casa is there for us in so many ways! My 1st real job (with a paycheck!) was a busboy at Casa Manana, 1st date with my EX (should have known there was a problem when her credit card was refused) was at Casa Manana! so many good times, and they continue now, with Casa Manana's Kid's Nite on Monday nights!

Every Monday night Casa is for kids, with face-painting and kids movies playing on the TV's for the young ones, and for the adults, a savings for the wallet that can't be beat! On Mondays, two children per adult eat FREE from 5PM to close.

That's right, two kids for one adult! and All kids get a free ice cream cone, even the big kids at heart (yeah, I'm talking about myself)!

So on Mondays, grab the kids and head on over to Casa Manana, at 2510 Ryan Street, and take the advice from the Single Father Files and save and have a great time while you SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!!!