In this day and age, living on a budget is not just a good idea, it's required! Times are tight, and as a single father, they are even tighter. But when you apply a man's way of thinking to any situation, cheap is the way to go, especially when it comes to dinner time!  So for the next few days, let's take a look at some of the local restaurants that help out when it comes to combining savings and your little ones!Feeding your family is one of the largest parts of your budget and it is a cost that is never set in stone. And when you have just two  mouths to feed, comparing the time and cost of going to the store, spending time shopping and waiting in line and planning out a week long menu and planning what to do with leftovers and don't forget the clean-up...Whew!! It's easier to go out to eat, don't you agree? A Dollar menu comes in a lot easier than getting elbow-deep in a feast you need a week long warning  to prepare for! And as I said earlier, most Lake Area restaurants help out with kids nites!

Let's start with Sundays, the beginning of the calender week and also introduce you to Le Peep Cafe Lake Charles!

Le Peep, located at 3800 Ryan St., has been voted the #1 breakfast & brunch restaurant by various newspapers and food critics throughout the country, and puts a wholesome, proven perspective on your neighborhood Breakfast & Lunch. And for the The Single Father Files, Sunday & Monday, after 4 pm - KIDS EAT FREE!!

Thats right, with a purchase of an Adult meal, kids under 12 eat free! With a kids menu ranging from Breakfast to Burgers, Le Peep Lake Charles takes care of your Sunday and Monday menu and saves you in the longrun! So from The Single Father Files, get your young-un ready and get your breakfast bib on and start saving today!