A 26-year-old fugitive from Washington State took time out of his busy day hotfooting it and hiding from the cops to make updates to his Facebook page.

In this day and age, using a computer is akin to leaving digital DNA at a crime scene. The authorities can trace your IP address and track your location based on the information you are providing. It’s the equivalent of a social GPS. Clearly the fugitive, Travis Nicolaysen, has his social media priorities in line.

He’s reportedly up against domestic abuse and burglary charges but he’s still demonstrating proper digital etiquette by responding to comments left on his page by friends. More importantly, however, he changed his relationship status to “single,” letting all the ladies know that he may not be caught by the cops, but he is a romantic catch. Maybe he should start dating after the domestic abuse charges get cleared up.

On the bright side, at least his peeps can keep up with his activities while he’s MIA. As can the Five-O.

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