On Wednesday morning, Southwest Louisiana was rocked by a major storm that blew through the area with heavy rains and hurricane-force winds causing damage and power outages all over the Parish.

Forecasters report that Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana saw wind gusts up to 60 to 65 miles per hour and the storm also spawned some tornados. Homes and businesses in the Lake Charles area were severely damaged as the storm blew through the area.

We reported on Wednesday morning that Balls Fried Chicken located on Enterprise Boulevard in Lake Charles had their roof blown off and water leaked into the newly built restaurant. If you have not seen the photos of the damage the business owner gave us,  check them out here.

Power was out all over the Parish and once the storm passed, crews started working on restoring power. Some people and businesses were out of electricity for almost two days.

Series Of Tornadoes Rips Through Oklahoma City Area
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We also saw pictures circulated on Facebook of the Library Riot in Lake Charles and the photos showed the severe damage the popular bar suffered. A video has been posted on YouTube showing the bar imploding as a reported EF-2 Tornado hit that bar.

In the video below, things start shaking and you will then see the windows break and stuff collapses inside the bar. Fox News posted the video and even interviewed the owner Jamie who was sitting inside the bar when the tornado hit. Talk about a wild video. Check this out.

How wild and crazy was that? We are glad to find out that everyone was safe but we are praying for the owner Jamie and all whose homes or businesses were affected during the storm.

It just brought back bad memories of 2020 when Hurricane Laura hit us hard in Southwest Louisiana.

The Impact of Hurricane Laura on Lake Charles



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