WAFB is reporting that the 2 plus year manhunt for Maxwell Taffin has come to an end.  The 22 year old Rumson, New Jersey native was visiting Baton Rouge for the Ole Miss vs. LSU game with some friends.  One of Taffin's friends had an ex-girlfriend who lived in the dorms in Blake Hall on the campus of LSU that the group ending up crashing at.

The next morning, as the 3 guys were leaving, Taffin reportedly had to run back inside to "collect some belongings."  As he exited the room, WAFB reports that he told the unnamed female victim to check her fish tank.  That's when she noticed that her pet Siamese fighting fish (named Bumba) was gone.  To make matters worse, the victim reportedly received a text message from Taffin containing a picture of feces (presumably his own) with the caption "I found your fish."

After a phone interview with LSU campus police, Mr. Taffin reportedly confessed to eating the fish.  He was ordered to turn himself in to LSUPD and receive a criminal summons.  He never showed up.

His extended run from the law came to an abrupt halt on Tuesday when he was arrested by the East Texas Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office and charged with cruelty to animals, improper telephone communications (for the poop picture), and being a fugitive from justice.

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