What's the point of dressing up for Halloween if you're wearing the same costume as everyone else?

I know it's the week of Halloween, and if you don't have a costume yet it probably means that you couldn't think of anything creative to be. So, now, you'll just settle for something easy and grab a mask or a pair of cat ears and call it a night. And, even if you're going generic this Halloween, I know you still don't want to rock the same costume as everyone else, which is why Google "Frightgeist" is about to be your new best friend.

"Frightgeist" is a new map by Google that shows you the most popular Halloween costumes by city. Are you heading to the Lake Charles casino's for a costume contest or partying in downtown Lafayette? You're not going to impress anyone dressed as Batman or a candy corn, yeah I said candy corn, it's the most popular costume in Lake Charles. Why?

You can also search the costumes that are trending nationally. Expect to see a lot of Harley Quinn's out this Halloween, according to "Frightgeist" that will be the number one costume this year.

Check out what costumes are trending in your city on "Frightgeist"!

[via Frightgeist]

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