Like the scene in Office Space, there is a place coming that you too can go off on that stupid printer. Break those dishes your ex-mother-in-law gave you and not worry about cleaning it up.

All The Rage

Introducing the Rage Room! Coming to Broussard, LA, the Rage Room is just the place to do what the name says: RAGE! Plates, sinks, cups, glasses, whatever, you can break them all. Have something you want to break, but don't feel like cleaning it up after? They can handle that as well.

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We have seen plenty of online videos featuring these weird rooms that people walk into with safety glasses and a hammer. They walk in, and off they go, smashing everything they can.

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Now you can do it too, right up the road in Broussard. Opening July 1, the Rage Room offers various packages, and even a couples therapy package. They accept donations of breakable items in return for credit, or you can bring your own items to smash. You can even hook your phone to their speakers and jam as you break.