Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s we all had 1 important day of the week, that was Saturday mornings because thats the only time we could watch Cartoons.  Growing up back then was a struggle for entertainment, luckliy we made it through. This got me thinking about what is now considered “Old School” Cartoons and after a little surf down the Internet I have discovered the Top 10 Best Cartoons of all time!

#10 The Jetsons
The Jetsons are a futuristic family who reside in Orbit City, an above-ground community. George (George O'Hanlon), the oblivious husband, and his homemaker wife Jane (Penny Singleton) are the family's leaders. While working, they raise their infant son Elroy (Daws Butler) and teenage daughter Judy (Janet Waldo).

With their dog Astro (Don Messick) and robot helper Rosie (Jean Vander Pyl), they navigate life in a manner reminiscent of The Flintstones, but with technology from the future rather than animals from the past. The city's futuristic designs are reminiscent of the past, which contributes to the environment's continued interest.

#9 Top Cats
The focus of this underappreciated show was a little community of alley cats that lived on Manhattan's streets. They go through life just trying to make ends meet and exist without Officer Charlie Dibble (Allen Jenkins), led by the eponymous Top Cat (Arnold Stang). They typically attempt numerous get-rich-quick schemes, the majority of which fail, in an attempt to escape their mundane lives.

The series has a surprisingly huge cult following in Latin America and the United Kingdom, even though it is still somewhat remembered in the United States. In fact, two animated features from Mexico have been released into theaters.

#8 Super Friends
Even while by 1973 there had been animated series based on DC Comics characters for more than ten years, none are likely more notorious than the Super Friends series. This team's original members included Danny Dark as Superman, Olan Soule as Batman, Casey Kasem as Robin, Shannon Farnon as Wonder Woman, and Norman Alden as the much-maligned Aquaman.

The legends were joined by three new heroes: Wonder Dog (Frank Welker), Marvin White (Frank Welker), and Wendy Harris (Sherri Alberoni). These heroes lacked superpowers, but they were still useful when the right kind of threat arose.

#7 The Smurfs
These little blue fellas first appeared in Belgian comic books drawn by Peyo, but it was this series that shot them to fame in the English-speaking world. Smurfs are a race of blue, elf-like creatures that dwell in peace and happiness in a secret village deep in the woods.

Every Smurf, led by the sage Papa Smurf (Don Messick), has a moniker that fits their character and occupation. The Smurfs were involved in adventures, lessons, and dodging the wrath of evil entities such as the wizard Gargamel (Paul Winchell) and his grumpy cat Azrael in each episode.

#6 Space Ghost
During their time, Hanna-Barbera produced a number of superheroes, including Dynomutt, the Blue Falcon, and additional Super Friends members. However, none of them could compete with Gary Owens' Space Ghost. This extraterrestrial specter traversed the universe, defending humanity against malevolent entities while sparing his allies Jan (Ginny Tyler) and Jace (Tim Matheson).

Beyond his own program, Space Ghost has become a well recognized character. He collaborated with the cape-wearing superhero on a Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode, appeared in a comic crossover with Green Lantern, and of course, hosts his renowned chat show on Adult Swim.

#5 The Banana Splits
Though primarily live-action, this banana gang was cartoon-like in every other aspect. The members of the bubble-gum rock group Banana Splits included Paul Winchell's Beagle Fleegle, Allan Melvin's skinny lion Drooper, Dawson Butler's orange gorilla Bingo, and Snorky, the elephant who could only communicate by honking.

The show was a variety show, and the main characters only made brief appearances in wrap-around sketches that preceded and followed episodes like Danger Island and Arabian Knights, among others. Although it was a considerably less notoriously psychedelic creation than the latter's future works would become known for, Hanna-Barbera and Sid & Marty Croft collaborated on it.

#4 Wacky Races
Many cartoon drivers banded together to race automobiles around the nation in an attempt to win the grand prize of being named the wackiest racer in the world, with the idea being inspired by the 1965 comedy The Great Race. The majority of the racers had imaginative designs, but two in particular stood out as the breakthrough stars: Janet Waldo's gorgeous and talented Penelope Pitstop and Paul Winchell's villainous Dick Dastardly.

Don Messick's wheezing dog Muttley is part of the latter's scheme to win by sabotaging every race. However, their plans usually backfire, either due to their own incompetence or direct intervention.

#3 The Flintstones
They are the contemporary Stone Age family residing in the ancient town of Bedrock, which was home to wooly mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, dinosaurs, and cavemen. It was clearly centered on two couples from the outset: Barney (Mel Blanc) & Betty (Bea Benaderet) Rubble and Fred (Alan Reed) & Wilma (Jean Vander Pyl) Flintstone, who had Dino (Mel Blanc) as a pet dinosaur.

New kids Pebbles (Jean Vander Pyl) and Bamm-Bamm (Don Messick) joined them as the show turned yet another page straight out of history. Even though it was originally aimed mainly toward adults, family could still enjoy a great time watching this show.

#2 Johnny Quest
Among his Hanna-Barbera peers, Jonny Quest was unique due to its unusual character designs, less humorous tone, and spy/adventure plotline. It traced the journey around the globe of Jonny (Tim Matheson), his adoptive brother Hadji (Danny Bravo), bodyguard Race Bannon (Mike Road), and father Benton (Don Messick).

Driven by espionage films and radio dramas, they embarked on adventures together, battling evil forces and cracking cases. Its effect on later action cartoons like G.I. Joe is evident, as it features a more realistic animation style and action-focused plot.

#1 Scooby Doo
There's no Hanna-Barbera character more widely used than Scooby-Doo. Together with their dog Scooby-Doo (Don Messick), four amateur detectives—Fred Jones (Frank Welker), Daphne Blake (Heather North), Velma Dinkley (Nicole Jaffe), and Shaggy Rogers (Casey Kasem)—travel the nation cracking cases involving enigmatic cases that appear to have otherworldly origins.

However, they learn during each episode that the monster/ghost is significantly more grounded in reality than they first thought. It included inventive monsters, humorous one-liners, and a moody atmosphere—everything a cartoon mystery could want.

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