So me and the Family just got back from a wonderful 5 day cruise on the Disney Magic. This was not my first cruise, but this was my first Disney Cruise, and I can honestly say it was an amazing time at Sea. Here are a few things that make sailing with Mickey a little different. The list below is my personal Top 5, Enjoy.

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#5 All the Soda You Can Drink.

Even while it's not too difficult to spot the soda fountains when exploring the ship, it's still a good idea to know that drink is free. Compared to certain other cruise lines, this is unique.

Numerous drink stations can be found close to the buffet lines and the pool area. There are locations for tea and juice as well as a wide selection of Coke goods.

There is no refilling cup provided for customers, unlike at Disney World. Instead, you can have as many paper cups as you like for your beverages.

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#4 Endless Supply of Ice Cream

Mickey ice cream bars sound familiar, right? These are the delectable, thick dark chocolate-covered vanilla ice cream desserts that are shaped like Mickey Mouse heads.

Has anyone mentioned free, endless ice cream? Sure, please!
Knowing where to find these delicacies is the problem, though. They're not accessible in the open. They must be ordered from a restaurant or ordered via room service. There are a lot more options than just Mickey Ice Cream Bars when ordering room service, so everything is complimentary. However, you should tip the server.

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#3 Broadway Style Shows Nightly

If I had to choose just one "must see" thing to do while on the ship, it would be the evening Broadway-style shows at the Walt Disney Theater, even though there are several options available.

Every night, the shows are presented twice. You can attend the late show if you eat at the early meal. You can attend the show's early presentation if you have a late dining reservation.

I had the opportunity to witness two separate shows while I was on the cruise, and I can honestly tell you it was truly amazing to watch. Both had a ton of Disney characters, songs, and sceneries, and were a lot of fun.

#2 So Many Activities

Cruises in the past were known for being extremely leisurely and slow-paced. In essence, you could lie in a lounge chair and eat.

This is now, and that was then. Disney, of course, provides endless amusement every day.

Numerous activities exist, such as this Pirate Party!
Numerous activities are scheduled for almost every hour of the day, excluding late at night, if you consult your Personal Navigator, the paper listing all of the day's events, or the Navigator app on your smartphone.

Children can engage in activities in designated areas where adults are not permitted. Young adults, tweens, and teens can all participate in the activities. Additionally, adults will discover.

Image by Scotty
Image by Scotty

#1 Learn to Draw Characters.

While on the Cruise we had a few moments when we weren’t chasing down Disney Characters for Photo Ops and stumbled upon Drawing Classes. I can hands down say that this was my favorite activity to do on the Boat. Me and the Fam would gather around a small table, drink in hand, and learn from a Disney Animator all the Tips and Tricks of how to Draw the perfect Mickey, Donald, and Goofy…….I’m still practicing.


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