So much relies on voters in the upcoming presidential election, it's important to have resources that help make the voting process easier. Though some may disagree, content on the ballot should be simple for all voters to comprehend. Unfortunately, that's not always the case, especially when it comes to understanding Louisiana's constitutional amendments.

A lot of voters don't know this, but there is a time limit on casting a vote once a person is in the voting booth. Under Louisiana voting law, voters have three minutes to cast their votes. If a person is handicapped or can't read, they can legally ask for assistance and will have twenty minutes to vote. The best way to stay within the timeframe is to review the ballot before you go vote. A handy tool to use is the geauxvote app. All the election info you need is at your fingertips, including the ballot. Plus, you can bring your phone in the booth and use it as your voting guide.

Speaking of guides, the Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana (PAR) works to make sure the integrity and results of all elections are protected. Prior to an election that includes Louisiana's constitutional amendments, PAR breaks down the wording and makes it easier for voters to understand what they're voting for or against. Click the link to learn more: PAR Guide to the Constitutional Amendments.

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