The Internet loves to shop. The Internet loves to argue. So, if you combine the two things the Internet loves you're going to get some fireworks. The fireworks in question have to do with an online hack that is going around via the social media site Tik Tok.

In that hack, Tik Tok user @prettylittlediy explains how you can manipulate your Amazon order to have the company ship your items quicker without any additional cost. The hack has been met with mixed reviews. Some say it works brilliantly while others say it only works if you cough up extra money.

That's why we thought it would be best to simply show you the video from @prettylittlediy and let you decide.

Basically what she is doing is going into the order details and changing a few things around. The detail in question appears to be "change the shipping speed". The Tik Tok user demonstrated in her video that simply making this selection was all it took to get her items faster and she wasn't charged an extra fee.

Seems to me if you really need an item "fast fast" as we say in South Louisiana then you'd be better served to climb into your car and go visit a local store. Preferably a store that is owned and operated by members of your local community, but we understand not all stores have all items.

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As far as my experience goes using this "hack" really didn't save me any extra time but it could have cost me more money. I attempted to go through the process as described by @prettylittlediy and while I was given the option to "change my delivery speed" it was not necessary because the shipping option I had already selected was just as fast.

Now before you go diving off into your shopping cart and start messing with your already approved orders we do need to tell you this. There were more than a few commenters on Tik Tok that said using this hack actually pushed back the delivery date of their items. So, if your order is important and you need it by a certain date, you might want to just leave well enough alone.

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And while you're waiting for those deliveries to come to your door. Why don't you pick up a rag and do some cleaning, no seriously, we all need to do some cleaning.

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