April 4th is a huge day for the world. It was the day that a legend was born to a SWLA couple, they just didn't know it at the time. It just so happens to be my birthday. That being said, I like free things and don't like paying for them. I figured I would google around and see what a birthday boy could get for free.

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Arby's - We have one in Iowa still, you can get a free milkshake if you register on their website.

Dairy Queen - Buy one get one free Blizzard on your birthday after signing up for the Blizzard Fan Club

Denny's - Sign up for their loyalty program and get a free Grand Slam. Apparently, you can just tell the server that it's your B-Day and show your ID for the same thing.

Dunkin' Donuts - If it ever opens in Lake Charles, you can sign up for the DD perks, receive a free medium beverage when signing up, and again on your B-Day

IHOP - Hold on to your Birthday Hat, this one is killer!  Not only do you get a free meal on your birthday, but you’ll also receive one for joining the Pancake Revolution eClub and another on your one-year anniversary of joining online. Fat kids rejoice!

O'Charleys - Free surprise on your B-Day. The word on the streets is that it's a dessert.

Starbucks - Slap on your wedges birthday girls, if you are registered 30 days out from your day of nakeness, you get a free drink or treat on your big day, plus 15% off.

Texas Roadhouse - Sign up for the email club and get a free b-day surprise AND a free appetizer!

Waffle House  - Free Waffle on your birthday if you sign up for the Waffle House Regulars Club (I've been a member for 10 years)

The rewards don't limit themselves to just food!!!!

CVS Pharmacy - Join the Extra Care Beauty club and get 10% off pass on your birthday

Old Navy - Sign up for the newsletter and get a special gift on your birthday, it's a coupon, I have mine already!

Sephora - Become a Beauty Insider and get a gift during your birthday month. Some gifts have been Marc Jacobs gel eyeliner, Fresh Face cleaners, Tarte Lip Gloss, and more!


There you have it! I'm going to spread my birthday around the area and try other local places as well. Who can tell a birthday boy, NO!



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