I am left-handed. If you are too, you help make up 10% of the entire population of the world. Did you know you were that unique?

Growing up as a lefty had its ups and downs. Cutting into a meal was pretty easy. I could use my knife with my right hand and stuff my face with my left. Apparently, this is also a rare occurrence as people switch back and forth with their fork and knife. Scissors sucked in grade school, so I just practiced using my right hand to cut and tended to be more dominate with my right hand as I grew up.

Hirurg / Thinkstock
Hirurg / Thinkstock

The greatest discovery I ever had was in high school. My sophomore year at Barbe, in English, I discovered a left-handed desk. Sweet Jesus, it was a thing of beauty. I wanted to take that desk to every class I had. I didn't even know such a thing existed. It was like discovering what a buffet was for the first time!

Mom is also left-handed, and she embraced it as much as I did. She would even buy left-handed pens and pencils from her left-handers magazine which had pages that could be flipped with your left hand, right to left. It's no wonder where I get my "extra" from in life.

hand bloodstain

Left-handed people were considered evil back at the dawn of time. They were found out and forced to become right-handed. The forcing would sometimes cause stuttering issues and even learning issues as they grew older.

The reason we shake hands with our right hand is to show we are unarmed and peaceful. A left-handed person was considered deceitful because they could shake your hand, pull you close, and stab you with their dominant left hand. The other left-hand history is that back during the Salem Witch Trials, if you were found to be left-handed, you could be considered a witch and executed.

Left-handed people unite! We are a unique breed inside and out.

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