Singer-songwriter Harper Grae and her wife Dawn Gates are expecting their first child together this summer — a joyous moment for the couple, though also a bittersweet milestone for Grae, who suffered a late-term miscarriage nearly a decade ago. Her new "Still Your Mother" music video, premiering exclusively on Taste of Country, is for anyone who's suffered a similar loss.

Directed by Rachel Deeb, the "Still Your Mother" video focuses largely on Grae, who cradles her baby belly as she sings amid a gauzy white canopy of fabric and tenderly touches an empty wooden cradle. At times, though, that fabric becomes a lens to share the stories of fans who have also lost babies, collected through a recent campaign.

"I wanted the "Still Your Mother" music video to speak to anyone who has experienced miscarriage or a loss like this, to know they are never alone," Grae shares. "Rachel Deeb and her incredible team went above and beyond to not only tell my story, but also to share the images we received from mothers who have experienced miscarriage or having a rainbow baby after having had a miscarriage."

"Still Your Mother," which Grae released in March, is a message from mother to child, as she quietly celebrates birthday and Christmas milestones for a baby she won't get to watch grow up but "still love[s] like you're with me." Grae admits that she often keeps those moments to herself because some people "think I should be past it / But there's a pain that they can't see."

"Even though I never met you / I still feel like you’re all mine," Grae sings in the chorus. "Wonder what you’d be like / 'Cause even though we never got to hold each other / I’m still your mother."

Grae wrote "Still Your Mother" after learning she was pregnant, after finding a sperm donor and going through in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments. "I felt as though I was finally ready to tell this side of my story," she tells People.

A 2021 CMT Next Woman of Country, Grae is a 2012 graduate of Auburn University. Her given name is Shanna Henderson — Harper Grae is a stage name that combines her grandparents' last name, Harper, with an acronym for "God Redeems All Equally."

In 2017, Grae launched the Look Up Foundation, which offers resources to support children and teens dealing with the absence of or being neglected by significant adult figures in their lives. Gates, her wife, also has a 9-year-old daughter, whom Grae knows will be "the best big sister" to their new arrival.

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