The Lake Charles City Court and Ward 3 Marshal office have launched a new program called the Fresh Start Amnesty Program, geared toward giving people a chance to get a fresh start without the threat of being arrested.

The program runs from April 19-May 19t and boasts that folks with outstanding warrants can come forward with no threat of arrest, your court costs and fees could be reduced or removed, and warrants recalled. All warrants issued prior to January 1, 2021 will qualify for the program and all warrants will be recalled during the month period.

You will have no fear of being arrested for old warrants under this program, so it gives you a chance to clear up outstanding warrants and old traffic tickets. Those who don't qualify for amnesty can get a new court date to answer to your warrants or tickets..

They are also offering payment plans and giving you a chance to get your driver's license back. The program also says if you take advantage of this offer, you could save 50% on fees.

For more information, call 337-491-1565. You can also go by in person at 118 West Mill Street in Lake Charles.

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