Christmas is a time for love and compassion but sometimes we find ourselves asking Santa for vacations, money, cars, even new clothes. We don't realize what we have until it's gone or in some people's case never had. One boy in Texas asked Santa for a "very very Very good dad." The boy and his mother are staying at a domestic violence shelter in Fort Worth. SafeHaven found the letter in the little boy's backpack and decided to share his letter in hopes of raising money for other families.

This letter goes to show others how much we can take for granted and how some just simply want to be....loved. As an adopted child, I am grateful every day that I not only have multiple families that love me, but I was also really lucky to be adopted as a baby. I often think about the children that go through holidays and birthdays with abusive parents, foster families, or no family at all. I cannot imagine going year after year feeling the pain that these children feel. Never being adopted or just running out of fear for their safety.

For Christmas this year, his letter asked Santa for books, a compass, and a watch. He also asked Santa to bring him a ‘very very very good dad.’ As you sit in the safety of your home surrounded by your loved ones this holiday season, please say a prayer for those who may need them a bit more.

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