It's been a few years since the Saints crossed the pond to play in London. Now, they are headed back as the "home" team for the international game against the Vikings. The two teams have struggled at the beginning of their season, but the Vikings with a 2-1 record have managed to pull out a win at the last minute. The saints with a 1-2 record so far, have not quite gotten into the groove.

Typically, the International Game is played at Wembley Stadium, but this year it will be inside the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium which recently opened back in 2019. The time for the game will also be something we aren't used to when they play in America. Kick-off for this game will be at 830am central time. London is 6 hours ahead of us, so 830am here will be 230pm over there. So make pancakes instead of chicken wings, and drink mimosas instead of beer when you sit to watch it. Speaking of watching the game, what are our options?

The only option to catch this week's Saints game will be to have the NFL Network or NFL Plus. I did see that WWL in New Orleans will also be carrying it, but you've gotta be in the New Orleans area for that. Of course, the BEST option will be to catch it live on Gator 99.5. We will begin coverage of the game at 6 am leading up to the kick-off at 830am. So go ahead and grab your radios out, and gather around them as we broadcast the game from London all the way back to America with the Saints Radio Network.

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