It seems after all of the back and forth between the players and the MLB, baseball season is officially on its way. Practice has already begun, and we will start seeing teams take the field in late July. Although fans are still not allowed to watch the games live, at least it's better than not having them at all.

Teams playing will be heavily watched and there are many new rules and regulations in place to keep everyone safe. Players and staff not playing will be allowed to sit in the stands but must adhere to the socially distant six feet separation. Players will also not be allowed to spit, chew seeds, or use chewing tobacco products while playing. There will be no celebratory handshakes or even high-fives allowed while playing. Each player will also be tested through the week for COVID-19. If they test positive at any point, they will be immediately quarantined until they test negative twice in a row.

Despite the new rules and regulations in place, the game will still go on. The Houston Astros will play their first game on July 24 at 8:10pm against the Seattle Mariners. This will be the home opener for the champions as they face off against the Mariners for four days. After that, they will take on the Angels on July 31.

The entire schedule has been posted on all of their social media sites, including the website. You can also use the MLB site to find the rest of the MLB team schedules for the 2020 season.

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