QB Brock Osweiler has decided to take the moolah and run to Houston, Texas! And did they pay him lots and lots and LOTS of serious cha-ching!

Osweiler backed up Denver QB Peyton Manning last season. Matter of fact, took the snaps for seven crucial games for the Broncos. Won five of those games! As the playoffs approached, Brock returned to the sidelines and Manning would lead the Denver Broncos to the NFL Promised Land.

Since then, Manning has retired and today the Denver Bronco front office is looking for a new signal caller. Wait....... huh? The Denver Broncos? The Newly crowned NFL Champions of the World??

The Houston Texans then sign Brock Osweiler to a four year deal worth $72 million dollars! Hmmmm? Wait, wait... haven't we heard of something like this before?

Oh yeah. Quarterback Matt Flynn!

And many were shocked with the Former LSU Tiger Matt Flynn's contract that the Seahawks gave him after 1 good game in Green Bay. And he lost the job to Russell Wilson. So, yeah, not feeling sorry for your Matt Flynn.

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