This Saturday is Gator 99.5 night at the rodeo. Don Rivers from the Gator Breakfast Bunch will be there with a fun way for you to win.

paper airplane

Mark Peterson has donated a great utility trailer for us to give away. We are going to park it in the middle of the rodeo floor at the Burton Coliseum this Saturday night. Everyone who is at least 18 years old will have a chance to win it. Grab the appropriate form when you come through the door for the Saturday night performance of the Smith, Harper, Morgan rodeo. Then fill it out and fold it into the paper airplane design of your choice. Here are some choices and instructions. During the performance we'll give everyone sixty seconds to attempt to fly their airplane onto the trailer. If just one makes it ... they win the trailer. If more than one makes it we'll draw between them for the trailer. If none make it we will award the trailer to the person who flies their airplane the closest to the trailer. It will be fun and everyone has a chance to win. Here is a video with another idea you might try. Good luck!

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