Buzzfeed recently conducted a poll to see what preferences people had when it came to their Thanksgiving meal. Did your favorites make the list?

I hate to toot my own horn, but I can make a mean green bean casserole.  And I recently saw that retailers are selling containers dried jalapenos to go on top now...that is EPIC!

Here are the poll results:

1.  Turkey or ham:

  • 77% of people prefer turkey.
  • 71% say dry turkey is worse than under-seasoned turkey.

2.  Mashed potatoes or stuffing:

  • 61% prefer mashed potatoes.

3.  Homemade cranberry sauce or the canned stuff:

  • 68% prefer homemade.

4.  For the best "extra" side dish:

  • 45% say mac-and-cheese.
  • 21% went with green bean casserole.
  • 21% with sweet potatoes.

5.  Pie:

  • apple at 39%.
  • pumpkin with 37%.
  • pecan at 17%.
  • cherry with 7%.

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