We all know that green beer is a pretty big part of St. Patrick's Day. I mean, if you don't drink green beer on St. Patrick's Day is it even really St. Patrick's Day?

We also all know that getting your green beer on on St. Paddy's Day can get pretty pricey, so if you don't have a pot of gold to spend on drinks don't worry green beer is super easy and inexpensive to make.

Here's what Betty Crocker says you'll need:

  • Beer (light beer works best)
  • Green food coloring
  • A pint glass

Just grab a  pint glass, add three to five drops of green food coloring, then pour in your favorite beer and enjoy!

If you're looking to make a lot of green beer, Bottoms Up Draft Beer Systems posted a really good video on YouTube about how to turn keg beer the ultimate shade of St. Paddy's Day green.

Cheers ... or should we say Sláinte!


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