The Lake Charles Happy Hour Rotary Club is hosting the First Annual St. Paddy's Day Pub Crawl on Friday, March 17th. Their website explains the event and gives the simple rules:

Take your time, be responsible, drink lots of water, and first and foremost - Have Fun!

The group is selling tickets for the event that begins at 5PM. The cost covers a wristband, koozie, specials at the participating vendors, and prizes that will be given away throughout the evening.

Participants are invited to visit the seven Lake Charles establishments on the pub crawl schedule. They are even hosting a social media photo contest throughout the night!

All proceeds from ticket sales will be used for Rotary Club projects in the Lake Charles area, like the Oasis Women's Shelter Christmas Gift Wrap Project, Community Partner Donation Drives, and other projects that aid and assist people in need in the community.

Please make sure to designate a driver or provide for other transportation if you plan to attend the event. DO NOT drink and drive.

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