Coach O was a recent subject on the Howard Stern Show. The shock jock started comparing the coach's voice to another person they were talking about, but then proceeded to go on a ten minute tangent about the coach, his voice, and how scary he is.

During the segment, Stern starts playing audio clips of the coach including the controversial speech in the locker room against Alabama, his press conference when he stops the interview and tells the team to stop everything. I honestly expected Stern to turn it around and make fun of the Tiger's coach due to him being a Louisiana native and the fact that he's a bit hard to understand when he talks. However, he surprisingly takes the high road.

During the five minute mark Stern makes the remark that they have the coach on the phone and begin "interviewing" him. This is when I was sure they were going to go in on him, but the bit was absolutely hilarious that they did. Whomever impersonated the coach on the phone was pretty spot on.

Every morning I wake up I drink two gallon of bleach, take a gasoline bath, and chug the energy drink. I got the high energy.

Was what was heard over the mock interview with the Coach. Stern repeats multiple times that he would be incredibly scared of Coach O if he had to be around him. They discuss the time Coach O headbutted a bar owner and that he's been known to punch himself on the chin per an interview with one of the players.

They play multiple interviews about how the coach motivates the team before they play a game, and start mocking the stories of how Coach O psyches himself up. Pretty much every story involving Chuck Norris, but replace him with Coach O. It really is an entertaining segment, and it was way more tasteful than I originally expected!

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