Kristian is our digital guy. He crawls around on the internet as much as I do. From time to time, he beats me to post ideas. Every once in a while, he throws me a bone. In this case, a wiener.

via craigslist
via craigslist

Ladies and gentlemen, a wiener mobile is FOR SALE! The seller, who I need to be best friends with, is selling this replica (which means someone purposefully built this that wasn't part of Oscar Mayer). The ad on craigslist states that the seller bought it AS A DAILY DRIVER!

The Weinermobile as a daily driver was a novelty and enjoyable for about a week. Now I suffer.

Suffer from all of the ladies that want to ride in it, I am assuming. He's had it for several years and apparently drives the thing to work. This seller is LIVING HIS BEST LIFE! Seven grand buys it, and I am waiting on the bank to call me back.

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