The one habit I have the biggest uphill battle with is swearing at the workplace. It's a case of Jekyll and Hyde for me when it comes to the workplace oppose to home.

Maybe it's the job? No, I can't say that... because I would have been fired a long time ago. Something would have slipped on the airwaves. It's the behind the scenes for me. Ugh, I know better too! Anyway, there is no excuse for what comes out of my mouth. I just have to do a much better job of biting my tongue. Or actually THINK before I speak. Wish me luck!

How about you?

Jim Hiatt ...putting those three little dots leading into my Facebook posts.

Christy Godeaux Smoking and comfort eating

Karen Daigle Procrastinating

Alicia Hardy Eating carbs. Lol

Tracy Buxton Cussing ( but it's football season who else is gonna tell those refs they made a wrong call) Procrastinating it is..

Penny Lambert Eating sweets

Doris Lynn Humplik After I get through procrastinating I will let you know

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