I played Garth Brooks today, and started thinking about all of the appearances he made over the last few weeks with his wife, Trisha Yearwood (or "Ms. Yearwood" as he calls her publicly). I'm just glad Garth is back. I powerfully respect him bowing out while he raised his children, and I'm glad he kept his word about coming back.

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A few months ago, he was doing an interview on "Ellen" and he admitted he was afraid that his return would be a "flop". He's just that kind of humble. Who would ever think Garth Brooks would worry about that for a minute. Here's that interview:

To me, Garth Brooks just makes Country Music better. His music, his manner, from his grateful attitude to the way he talks about Trisha Yearwood, he just "classes up the place" in a very down to earth way, and we're better for it.