A Louisiana State Police officer walked away with minor injures after an impaired motorist slammed into the back of his SUV. The driver was Bradley Burch, Florida, and possibly high on heroin. He was traveling on I-12 swerving in and out of traffic and being reckless when another motorist saw this and called 911.

Kyle Nadler and his wife saw it all take place while filming the whole incident. Nadler's wife recorded the impaired driver while Kyle, who was driving, spoke to the 911 dispatcher. They were able to give authorities a play-by-play of the driver and his location. They even connected with other drivers to ensure no one could get close to the vehicle in fear of someone getting hurt.

While Nadler was relaying the position of the truck to the 911 operators, the authorities were forwarding the information to the State Police. The nearest State Police Officer positioned his vehicle on the right side shoulder of I-12. As the driver approached the officer's vehicle, he veered off the road and crashed into the back of the officer's SUV.

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