I can understand a community getting behind a business that impacts a city, but some people just leave me kinda confused.

So for New Year's, I decided to add SPAR (Sulphur Parks and Recreation) to my life. I, like many, want to lose weight. Okay, for the past few mornings, I arrive at the workout facility and I notice the oddest thing. There's a certain group of elderly who get together for coffee, donuts, and talk about the "good ol' days." That's it.

No walking the indoor track. No lifting of weights. You won't even catch someone taking off their socks and shoes and putting their feet in the olympic pool.

Nope. Just some SPAR coffee, delicious donuts from one of many local estasblishments, and a combined 500 years of BS.

Is THIS the newest exercise regiment for elderly population?

Things that make me go.... hmmmmmmm?

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