Carnival Cruise Lines was one of the many cruise lines shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Centers for Disease Control put the cruise lines on a "no-sail" guideline during the months of March and April. The cruise line began announcing to travel agencies that they will begin resuming cruises beginning on August 1.

However, the ships were not able to avoid COVID-19. Congress now has launched an investigation into how Carnival handled its outbreaks aboard its ships. According to the Bloomberg Report, the outbreaks totaled over 1,500 cases not including many deaths of crew and passengers aboard. Despite the investigation, Carnival is sailing on with a total of nine ships to begin with. The various ships will set sail from Galveston and Florida.

If you are a brave soul and want to take a cruise to get away, Carnival is pushing its cruises as low as $28 per day for its August 2020 cruises.

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