Director Michael Bay seems to be working on a movie for Netflix. The title of this project is titled Six Underground. The loose premise is that some super rich guys fake their own death and become crime fighters, with Ryan Reynolds being one of those rich guys. Ok, it's not a horrible plot. It seems interesting enough, sorta like 6 Batman guys. Batmen?

The big kicker here is the budget for this movie. $150 million is what Bay has to spend on this project, making it one of the largest budgets in Netflix produced movie. The writers for this script are the same that wrote Deadpool, so luckily they can write for Reynolds' style, unlike that horrible Green Lantern abomination that came out.

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The movie sounds solid, but where do the Thundercats come in to play? According to a reliable sourced reported to IGN, the same source that has been reliable for them time and time again, the Six Underground is just a cover for the actual movie. Will an 80s movie really work again? Bay already knocked Transformers out of the park, at least the first movie or two. I guess we will see if lightning can strike twice. Production is scheduled to start this fall, so we should be getting more info in the coming months to see if we get millionaires or cats.


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